While specially formulated for modified polymer materials, ReleaSol performs exceptionally well on all types of asphalts, providing true advancements in terms of economy, user-safety and environmental integrity. ReleaSol simply prevents the adhesion of asphalt to paving equipment with no harm to the asphalt surface, the user or the environment.

ReleaSol works exceptionally well on polymer modified materials, such as Polymer, SMA, PMA, Smurf, Smack, Modified D-Mixes, Crumb Rubber, Permaflex and Fiber. And performs equally well when used with conventional hot mix. ReleaSol is safe and simple to use and it’s unique film-forming ability protects all types of equipment used in road paving and construction. ReleaSol is non-streaking and poses no pooling danger to a finished asphalt sur- face. With its concentrated formula and very low evaporation ReleaSol goes further saving both time and money. ReleaSol produces no hazardous fumes or hidden toxins, thereby reducing risks to the operator and improving worksite safety.


• No carcinogens or hidden toxins
• No aspiration hazard
• No phosphates, acids or distillates
• No long term health effects


• Readily biodegradable
• Not regulated by TDG
• Low aquatic toxicity
• Paving equipment, vehicles & machinery
• Asphalt spraying & mixing equipment
• Polymer, SMA, PMA, Smurf, Smack
• Modified D-mixes, Crumb Rubber
• Permaflex, Fiber, conventional asphalts
• Rollers, spreaders, dump trucks


• Non-flammable, non-corrosive
• No special protective gear required
• Contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
• Safe alternative to hazardous chemicals

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