BioSol D-Ice Solutions

Our D-ICE line of products not only provides you the safest possible deicing solutions in the market, but is also guaranteed to melt and prevent ice build up, even in the most extreme winter conditions.


D-ICE KA & D-ICE HA are inorganic liquid deicers with built-in corrosion inhibitors engineered to remain active down to -50ºC.

In addition to melting surface ice, D-ICE KA was designed to diffuse down through the snow and ice to break the bond between precipitation and the surface allowing for easier removal.

D-ICE 20, D-ICE 40,

D-ICE 60, D-ICE 90

Our D-ICE 20, D-ICE 40, D-ICE 60, D-ICE 90 series of organic chemistry based, deicing products were specifically designed as a surface pretreatment for extreme cold weather conditions – to prevent the formation of ice build-up while significantly reducing the potential of corrosion. 

While providing excellent performance in freezing inhibition, these products also serve as a non-freezing dust supressant and offer lubricating properties, making them an ideal solution for any equipment with moving parts. 


  • Non-freezing dust suppression

  • Ice removal from equipment

  • Ore freeze protection

  • Metal concentrate freeze protection

  • Coal freeze protection

  • Cold weather lubrication

  • Cost effective



Can be provided with customized feed system designs or applied using existing equipment.

Proprietary feed algorithms to optimize dosages. 

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