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GearSol Gear Cleaning Solution

GearSol is specifically engineered to go to work quickly on waterproof greases through both surface action as well as rapid penetration.

HyperSol 610 Degreaser

HyperSol 610 is extremely aggressive in emulsifying pure hydrocarbons & heavy oils.

LevaSol 310 Degreaser

LevaSol 310 LevaSol 310 is a unique chemistry designed to aggressively penetrate & emulsify medium to light oils, protein deposits, animal fats & more.

LithoSol Ink Remover

LithoSol is a fast-acting, safe alternative to the often-hazardous chemicals & solvents used for oil-based ink removal.

MegaSol Degreaser

MegaSol significantly reduces cleaning time by aggressively penetrating & emulsifying the heaviest of oils & greases, despite the presence of contaminants.

SurfiSol 315 Cleaner

SurfiSol 315 is extremely versatile in its application, utilizing powerful & natural surfactants to aggressively break the bonds of a wide range of contaminants. SurfiSol is an excellent general cleaning concentrate that can be diluted up to 30:1 depending on the application.

SyntheSol Solvent

SyntheSol performs exceptionally well in a variety of applications; cutting heavy oils, crude, asphaltenes, lubes, and greases even in extremely cold operating conditions. SyntheSol is a great Varsol replacement for a parts washer.

UltraSol Low Odour Degreaser

With UltraSol’s higher viscosity and low odour, this product provides excellent heavy degreasing on vertical applications and enclosed spaces.

ViscoSol 615 Degreaser

ViscoSol 615, our most viscous formulation has been specially engineered to cling to vertical & inverted surfaces ensuring maximum contact with contaminants.

H2Sol Scavenger

H2Sol has been engineered to efficiently scavenge hydrogen sulfide, various mercaptans as well as hazardous LEL components such as BTEX & other VOCs.

HyperSol-s Degreasing Scavenger

H2Sol HyperSol-s is extremely aggressive in emulsifying pure hydrocarbons & heavy oils while scavenging where trace amounts of H2S are present..

MegaSol-s Degreasing Scavenger

Powerful surfactants go to work breaking down soil, mud & sand contaminants, while the complex solvency
of MegaSol-s aggressively penetrates and emulsifies heavy oils like bitumen & tar, all while scavenging trace amounts of H2S.


AggreSol CAP1050

AggreSol CAP1050 is a fully organic chemistry that forms an impenetrable crust significantly
reducing pile runoff & wind driftage, saving valuable amounts of mineral & commodity materials.

AggreSol DCC1100

AggreSol DCC1100 significantly reduces or eliminates road dust without posing a risk to the operator or the environment. WSDA organic approved. Ask about our other AggreSol products for more dust control applications.


D-ICE KA & D-ICE HA  are inorganic liquid deicers with built-in corrosion inhibitors engineered to remain active down to -50ºC. Our D-ICE20,D-ICE40, D-ICE60 and D-ICE90 series of organic chemistry based, deicing products were specifically designed as a surface pretreatment for extreme cold weather conditions – to prevent the formation of ice build-up while significantly reducing the potential of corrosion.

LubriSol Industrial Lubricant

LubriSol is an aqueous drawing fluid that has been designed to provide best-in-class lubrication and heat dissipation for diverse uses.

MudWash 210 Invert Cleaner

MudWash 210 is a powerful yet economical rig cleaner that safely and effectively outflanks and extracts most contaminants from rig surfaces.

ReleaSol Asphalt Release Agent

ReleaSol performs exceptionally well on all types of asphalts, providing true advancements in terms of economy, user-safety and environmental integrity. ReleaSol prevents the adhesion of asphalt to pavingequipment with no harm to the asphalt surface, to the user, or to the environment.

Winter Vision Glass Cleaner

Winter Vision is a powerful subzero glass cleaner that leaves surfaces crystal clean and streak free. Freezing temps are no match for Winter Vision’s uniquely designed formulation that is able to perform under severe winter conditions.

WePenSol Vehicle Wash & Wax

WePenSol is for use in both automatic & manual car washes and performs optimally where foaming brushes or nozzles are present. WePenSol WAX is a vehicle rinse agent providing a superior water beading & shine profile.

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Knockout & Knockout HW

As a unique blend of acids and natural concrete solvents, Knockout goes to work immediately to remove concrete, cement or shotcrete buildup from any surface. Knockout HW is a concentrated formulation of the Knockout blend, using the same proprietary mixture of high-performance chemistries for those heavy-weight bouts.

PrevaBrite 1690 Aluminum Brightener

PrevaBrite 1690 is an aluminum brightener that effectively removes the oxide layer on aluminum surfaces without damaging the metal.

PrevaClean 1060 Gypsum Scale Remover

PrevaClean 1060 uses a synergistic blend of proven, high-performance green additives to soften,disaggregate & disperse calcium sulfate scale (gypsum) into a fine slurry.

PrevaClean 1100 Solid Caustic Pellets 100% Caustic

PrevaClean 1100 is a CFIA approved caustic in solid form.

PrevaClean 1125 25% Caustic Solution

PrevaClean 1125 is a CFIA approved 25% caustic solution with low hardness. Due to its lower freezing point, this 25% caustic is the preferred choice during winter months over the 50% option.

PrevaClean 1150 50% Caustic Solution

PrevaClean 1150 is a CFIA approved 50% caustic solution.

PrevaClean 1241 Heavy Duty Cleaner

An industrial cleaner powerful enough to get the job done and is safe for employees to handle & dispose of. PrevaClean 1241 is extremely effective in cleaning and degreasing the exterior/interior of holding tanks & vessels, composting & organic matter, as well as shop floors & equipment and much more.

PrevaClean 1320 Descaling Acid Replacement

For applications where mineral scale or metal oxide removal is required; PrevaClean 1320 provides top performance combined with an unmatched HS&E profile. PrevaClean 1320 is a highly buffered, acidic solution that can be used as a replacement option in many applications where inorganic acids are normally used.

PrevaClean 1320s Descaling Acid Replacement with Scavenger

For applications where mineral scale or metal oxide removal is required and trace amounts of H2S are present. PrevaClean 1320s is a highly buffered, acidic solution with an added scavenger to handle trace amounts of H2S gas, and replaces the inorganic acids normally used in similar descaling applications.

PrevaClean 1470 & 1470c Series Alkaline Cleaner

The PrevaClean 1470 series of products is a water based degreaser intended for light-duty degreasing and vehicle washing where a high pH cleaner is required. Also available in Bubble Gum (1472) & Green Apple (1473) scent. The 1470c series includes a chelant to reduce calcium salt deposition where hard water is a factor.

PrevaClean 3125

PrevaClean 3125 is an oxidizing sanitizer used for killing bacteria & algae where oxidizing biocides are used.
12.5% sodium hypochlorite solution.

PrevaSperse 5100 Antifoam

PrevaSperse 5100 is a highly active, non-silica based antifoam product that can be widely used where foaming issues are a concern from an aesthetic or process performance perspective.

PrevaScale Na6 Degreasing Descaler

Product is not compatible with aluminum. May cause discoloration of certain metals primarily stainless steel and brass. PrevaScaleNa6 has been engineered with a combination of organic solvents & surfactants to penetrate light oils & greases to then aggressively attack & dissolve stubborn scale buildup from mineral deposits such as calcium & lime.

PrevaScale Na8 Cement Dissolver

Product is not compatible with aluminum. May cause discoloration of certain metals primarily stainless steel
and brass. PrevaScaleNa8 is specifically designed to aggressively dissolve & remove uncured cement as well as clean away the stubborn residue often associated with cement applications.

BT Surface Disinfectant Canadian Market

BT Surface Disinfectant  is an industrial strength, hospital grade, aerosol disinfectant that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on contact. Designed for use in high traffic, sensitive areas or tight spaces, BT Surface Disinfectant is a non-selective bactericide that quickly disinfects and eliminates odours. Colour safe on most fabrics and any hard surface.

Gluquat 300

Gluquat 300 is a specialty blend of disinfectants and anti-microbial compounds for cleaning large surfaces. Once diluted to 0.5% this formula can be applied using a high pressure spray system, weed sprayer or with a mop or cloth.

PrevaClean 9015 Hand Sanitizer

(NPN 80098437)

PrevaClean 9015 is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with Vitamin E to help nourish the skin. With rubbing, PrevaClean 9015 is effective alternative to soap and water when they are not convenient or available. Approved by Health Canada

PrevaClean 9125

PrevaClean 9125 is a stable, industrial strength sodium hypochlorite solution that can be diluted 4:1 and used for sanitizing hard surfaces. PrevaClean 9125 can also be used to control the growth of micro-organisms in non-potable water systems. Recommended wet contact time for effective sanitization is a minimum of 3 minutes.

PrevaClean 9400

PrevaClean 9400 is a strong, organic oxidizing solution for sanitizing. With its only by-products being oxygen and water, it can be left to evaporate on its own in difficult to reach places or on floors. PrevaClean 9400 is an excellent sanitization option for companies looking to eliminate bleach and non-oxidizing biocides.

PrevaClean 9520

PrevaClean 9520 is a specially formulated, no-rinse alcohol-based sanitizer. Ready to use, it dries quickly and leaves a thin quaternary ammonium film to provide ongoing protection. Excellent for use where water rinsing is not available or desired.

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